Coolangatta Chiropractic (ABC™ Advanced Biostructural Correction)

Our caring team at Coolangatta Chiropractic is focused on enhancing the health and function of the individuals and families within the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed Coast communities.

We will do the hard work, to get you back on track and on your way to achieving your health goals.

Our chiropractor, Dr Keiran Crowe, is dedicated to finding the cause of your concerns, and working out a plan of care so that you can overcome your health obstacles wherever possible.

Many of the common issues we address are due to a substantial amount of stress being placed on body tissues such as joints, bones, and muscles, for a long period of time (in some cases decades), until the tissues lose their ability to handle the stress. When this happens, the tissues become weakened and are easily injured, leading to a variety of symptoms such as nerve pain, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches... to name just a few.

Rather than simply treat the symptoms, as can be done with drugs, we strive to correct the cause of the problem, to prevent or reduce further damage to the tissues, and loss of function.

There are many approaches to care. As we focus on correcting posture, we naturally use the most predictable and effective techniques in this field, primarily Advanced Biostructural Correction ABC™

ABC™ consists of a series of methods to find the causes of misalignment, and manual adjustments to correct the misalignments. The technique is extremely safe, while still predictably affecting the overall structure and function of the body.

The result is improved posture, and an increase in function of the spine.