AMAR Centre for Growth and Mindful Living

The purpose of AMAR is to offer transformative experiences and services to individuals who are seeking to make significant and meaningful changes in how they experience life.

The services offered by AMAR are designed to elicit positive internal changes; changes in the direction of enhanced wellbeing and fulfilment, more authenticity and presence in living, and more empowerment when facing life’s challenges.

Gustavo Se Cestari, psychotherapist and founder of AMAR Centre for Growth and Mindful Living, is passionate about offering humanistic, strengths-based psychotherapeutic services and workshops that are intended to not only facilitate the resolution of current difficulties and long-standing issues, but also to assist in the actualization of the full potential of the individual.

A series of activities and services are provided by AMAR including:

  • Strengths-based Psychotherapy
  • Self-Actualization Sessions
  • Individual Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Nature Sensing Experiences and Expeditions
  • Life Enhancing Workshops

We all know that life can be quite difficult at times or even overwhelming.  What we often tend to forget is that the most significant and efficient means through which we can alter our experience of life is by addressing things at the level of our own minds and hearts; by doing the inner work that has been so underrated and overlooked in our fast-paced society.  At AMAR we do this inner work!

Please feel free to browse around the site ( to become familiar with AMAR’s services and upcoming events.

Look forward to meeting you in person!

Kind regards!

Gustavo Se Cestari
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor
BSc (Psych), PostG. Dip. Psych