Counselling and Energy Psychology

Whether you are in the middle of a crisis, moving through a difficult life situation, or feeling overwhelmed with emotions such as ANXIETY, STRESS, FEAR or ANGER I am skilled and qualified to support you through this time, and will be very present to your personal experience.

In my BREAKTHROUGH to Wellness sessions I use a combination of conscious dialogue and the transformational tool of EFT that bypasses your mind and taps into your subconscious. People usually experience profound breakthroughs that clear any resistances, emotional pain, stress, or anything else that has been impacting on their happiness, peace of mind, or potential.

My professional training to support my work stems from study and practice of Clinical Counselling approaches, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Mindfulness, Grief, Loss and Trauma training, and prior complementary modalities in the healing arts.

I will provide a professional and safe place for you to explore your challenges, and share with you the gifts and tools that have improved my level of emotional peace, self-mastery and overall wellness. My passion is to guide clients in accessing their inherent wisdom and resilience to improve their ability to cope with uncertainty, change and life's daily challenges.

Diploma of Applied Counselling with Distinction (UWS)

Diploma of Social Ecology (UWS)