Karen Gosling Counseling

Karen Gosling can be your professional relationship, couples or marriage counsellor. She is a pioneer in the field of personal development and human wellness. Her purpose is to touch people's lives when they're needing some emotional compassion and guide them to regain control in their lives.

Karen has been a relationship counselor, mental health social worker, author, and teacher of emotional health for more than thirty years. She has helped more than 4,500 clients from 83 nationalities in Australia and world wide develop greater awareness, emotional balance, and wellness in managing the dramas in their lives.

Author of five books on relationships and emotional health, Karen specializes in individual and relationship counseling, anger and anxiety management, Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) coaching, and trauma (critical incident) counselling. 

Karen has an innate ability to identify with and assist clients in emotional distress. You can have no doubt that once you have met and engaged with Karen she will listen to your perspective. She will guarantee to use all her 30 years plus of experience in dealing with people in human support services to facilitate you in finding deeper meaning and purpose through developing your unique gifts and talents.

Your journey to better relationships starts here. Call Karen now. Join her Members Free Content Area in her online community at https://relationshipsme.com/members/ and receive free information on how to #makeyourrelationshipwork.