We are a client focused practice offering specialist COUNSELLING, CASE MANAGEMENT and PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION to match your individual needs and goals with a personalised plan. 

At times when we are stressed, confused or in pain it is hard to know where to reach out for help and support. You are offered an unbiased, confidential and respectful COUNSELLING space to express your problems and accept professional support at our practice.

If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • anxiety, stress or depression
  • relationship, parenting or other family problems
  • rehabilitation or recovery from injury or illness
  • addiction
  • change due to health, work or other situational change 
  • ageing associated issues for seniors and their family
  • need some coaching to help you make a change
we offer you our strong experience in these areas as registeredand highly experienced counsellors.

Seeds of Tomorrow also offers EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE SERVICES to organisations to support staff at times of critical incidents, workplace change or personal issues impacting on employees performance. 

With experience across business management, healthcare, community services, mental health, aged care and disability sectors, we offer PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION for workers to maintain their accreditation and develop their professional skills. We are a certified  Professional Supervisor.

Begin the conversation - we will help you find your way forward. You are welcome to contact us for a free, no obligation, phone consultation.