Shifting Tides Counselling

Keeping it real & Listening to you:

Providing a safe platform to validate the human experience, emotions, feelings, behaviour and supporting your desire to change. Helping you to clarify issues, explore options and develop strategies to overcome challenges in a positive way, utilizing solution/future focused techniques with a holistic perspective.
Every now and then we like to reward ourselves with a treat or 'pick-me-up' such as a cup of coffee, a new gadget or piece of clothing.

Counselling is an investment in ones-self, improving your overall quality of life one visit at a time.

The wisdom of professional knowledge and life experiences have culminated in over 25 years of mentoring, life coaching & counselling practices.

- Developing Emotional Resilience
- Mentoring and Guidance
- General wellbeing and ‘tune up’
- Manage Anxiety
- Coming to Terms with Loss and understanding Grief
- Mending Relationships
- Dealing with Depression
- Fur baby Grief and Loss
- Mind/Body wellness
I was once told; "Your voice is real, your message resonates, and you offer humour, compassion and presence, all at the same time."
People will forget what you said or what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. ..
I can’t change where you started although we can work together to decide where you finish. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. In order to see change, we have to seek change.
Start building the life you want...
Investment/Fees - 50 minutes - no referral required:
Individual session - $130
Couples session    - $180
Telehealth available on request, 7 days

Subsidized mental health care services are available @ $90 per session.

Please provide an introduction letter from your doctor.

Better Access Initiative with Focused Psychological Strategies