Dental Care @ Southport

Dental care @ Southport is a small, family owned and operated dental practice and are not owned by a large corporation.  We don’t delegate any treatment to dental hygienists or therapists. Instead only experienced dentists will complete all your dental treatment. We are patient-motivated, not dollar-motivated. 

“We care about people, not just teeth”

We treat the whole patient taking medical conditions into consideration and can even contact your GP if needed.  We will strive to make your dental treatment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  We do not send any laboratory work overseas to save money.  Instead we support local laboratories that use first class TGA approved materials and expert craftsmanship.  We only recommend treatment that is actually needed, not treatment we would like you to have. 

Our treatment plans are evidence-based and focus on minimal intervention principles.  At Dental Care @ Southport, we believe that prevention is certainly easier and more economical than a cure. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy for life and help you avoid any future dental discomfort.