Flu Vaccine in Workplace

Gold Coast Nurse Professionals (GCNP) was established in 2005 to provide and assist companies arrange for annual flu vaccination clinics in the workplace. Areas covered by GCNP range from Northern New South Wales and extend to Brisbane, and mainly on the Gold Coast. Visit www.fluvaccine-in-workplace.com.au for more information.

Our registered nurses are endorsed by the Queensland and New South Wales Nursing Boards, and GCNP has a registered Health Management Protocol with the Queensland Ministry of Health and is accredited by Queensland Health to provide these vaccination services to the workplaces. Offering flu vaccination clinics will help you comply with your Work Health and Safety commitments.

Flu is contagious. Flu is debilitating, achy, uncomfortable and irritating to work colleagues. It keeps your staff away from work. All it takes is one person to spread the virus to all your staff. Reduce sick days and lost production.

Immunisation assists your employees to obtain and maintain protection from commonly spread infections such as influenza and helps to decrease absenteeism in the workplace. Vaccinations help improve a staff member’s ability to resist contracting influenza.

Arranging to have all staff vaccinated reduces the spread of the flu through the workforce. We offer you the convenience of flu vaccinations at your workplace which are safe, convenient and cost-effective at times that suit your staff. In the weeks prior to the clinic, GCNP arrange to supply all the documentation to enable your HR safety officer to distribute information fact sheets and consent forms to all your staff, and arrange a time schedule for staff to visit the nurse at the clinic at appointed times to ensure a steady flow of staff.

A private room or office in the workplace can be designated as the clinic. At the clinic, the nurses will supply the vaccines, documentation and equipment required to vaccinate staff in an efficient, professional and friendly manner. Staff can be assembled near a private area in the office in small groups. Clinics can be arranged before work, during breaks, or after work if required. All these clinics are designed to get staff back to work at their desk or workplace within 15 minutes following vaccination with minimal disruption.

The season starts mid March, and runs to the end of June.

Our service provides:

  • Qualified and experienced Registered Nurse Immunisers
  • Nurses certified in CPR
  • All the vaccines and necessary equipment
  • The necessary vaccination information
  • All Consent forms, booking sheets, and documentation
  • Lollies to participants

We offer you the convenience of flu vaccinations at your workplace

  • Competitive pricing
  • The convenience of safe and cost-effective flu vaccinations
  • Clinics to suit you
  • Minimal disruption to staff

Our clients include car dealerships, aged care centres, hotels, transportation and taxi services, offices, factories, lawyers and most of the private schools on the Gold Coast.

As well as the regular vaccine, we are also offering the next generation of influenza vaccine technology. The new needles are much smaller and are suitable for those that fear injections. The needle is 10 times shorter as well as much thinner, with 5 times less volume than the normal flu needle. While both vaccines are equivalent in their immune response, the administration process is slightly different. Swine flu vaccine is included.

In addition to the flu vaccinations, we can also offer throughout the year Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis AB, the Triple Antigen (Whooping Cough, Diphtheria and Tetanus) and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella also called German measles). These vaccinations should be considered by staff that work or come into contact with the public through the day.

GCNP seeks expressions of interest to provide ‘on-site’ immunisation to your employees. Please contact us indicating your interest for us to provide a clinic with a minimum of 10 staff for your workplace or call Noreen on 0400 183 059.