Macula Clinic

The Macula Clinic is the only clinic on the Gold Coast specifically dedicated to patients with wet age-related macular degeneration and macular swelling due to diabetes or blocked veins.

At the Macula Clinic, we understand how precious your eyesight is and how scary the diagnosis of macula disease can be. Your safety, visual results and comfort is our highest priority and we are committed to providing personalised care of the highest standard.

The Macula Clinic is part of the My Eye Specialist ophthalmology clinic where we offer a full range of medical and surgical eye treatments. If you have other eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma or lid problems, the doctor you see through the Macula Clinic can provide your complete eye care.

Our Services:

Our day hospital, the Robina Procedure Center, is at the same location as the Macula Clinic and My Eye Specialist, which enables us to offer you full medical and surgical care at the same convenient location.

For further information or to make a booking, call us today on (07) 5592 7900, we'd love to hear from you.