Psychology Central

Psychology Central is a Gold Coast based psychology practice. We are located in the heart of Varsity Lakes,  next to the Vasity College and are a part of the Gold Coast Medical Precinct.

At Psychology Central, we provide treatments and counselling for people from all walks of life.  Our aim  is to help everyday people find solutions to their  problems, overcome challenges and create more fulfilling lives. 

Whether you are struggling with family issues, stress, bad moods, addictions or work problems - we can help.

We all struggle from time to time. There is no need to try and do everything on your own.  Consulting a professional can really help you put things in a different perspective, solve problems, cope with emotions more effectively and overall - create better emotional and behaviour results in your life.
Managing our emotions well is the key to being able to face the uncertainties of life more effectively. If you have found yourself in a situation where you are faced with any of the following difficulties, you don't need to suffer through them alone.  Problems listed below are all a part of our human experience and sometimes, we all need help getting through those. Reach out and help yourself by asking for support when you need it. Not only does this help you, but with you being proactive - you encourage others to do the same and ask for help when they need it.

Family problems
Couple/ relationship issues  
Anxiety and related disorders (ie OCD, panic disorder, social and other phobias, PTSD)
Depression and other mood conditions (ie bipolar disorder/ manic depression, post natal depression)
Compulsive / addictive behaviours
Communication problems
Self-esteem and confidence problems
Anger management and aggression issues
Sexual dysfunction and concerns
Women’s issues (ie post-natal depression, change of life)
Grief and loss (ie death, illness, any form of loss)
Life coaching and personal development
Workplace problems (ie bullying, career counselling)
Health concerns and their impact on emotional wellbeing