Sheree Holland - Psychologist - AFFIRMATIVE PSYCHOLOGY

AFFIRMATIVE PSYCHOLOGY is a "niche" private psychology practice with the capacity to BULK BILL clientele (conditions apply*). Sheree Holland, Psychologist/Principal established the practice so that the wider community would be able to more easily access quality mental health care and services. Affirmative Psychology provides psychologically focused strategies, therapies, interventions, skills training, and psycho-education aimed at optimizing the mental health and mental wealth of the individual.  Treatments offered for various presentations, and mental well being concerns i.e. anxiety; depression; mood disorders; adjustment disorders; pain management; grief/loss; cancer support; relationship/interpersonal difficulties; panic attacks; phobias; life transition; anger management etc.  Specialisations: workplace bullying; preferred employee assistance program provider; mindfulness skills training.  Please phone Sheree (P: 07 55350840) to discuss your individual needs.  Affirmative Psychology "affirming the individual's unique worth and value".

"Great things are a series of small steps brought together". anon.