PRA Consulting Psychologists

PRA Psychology is a group of psychologists that have been dedicated to improving the health of people on the Gold Coast since 1995. Our head office is located in Mermaid Beach. Ph: 55261212

We specialise in helping people of all ages improve their lives and achieve their goals and their potential. We provide a range of services in particular counselling for problems such as anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, depression, smoking cessation, weight loss, and relationship issues; and performance and business coaching.

We also provide effective, cost saving services for a wide range of organisations in a variety of sectors including the government, health, insurance and employment sectors.

Our psychologists have extensive experience in clinical and counselling psychology, and also employment-related assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. We have male and female psychologists of all ages. Our psychologists have either a minimum of ten years experience and/or are mature aged and have substantial life experience.