Ice Heat Wraps

Ice Heat Wraps supplies products that provide pain relief, support sports injury treatment and injury recovery, reduce back pain, ease tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis pain, provide period pain relief  and support the treatment of ACL ligament, sprained ankle, Achilles tendon, hamstring and shoulder pain.

A World leading Australian technology which is safe, comfortable, reusable, washable and affordable to provide pain relief, injury treatment and support physiotherapy.

The Wraps can be applied to aching or injured muscles and joints as an ice wrap / ice pack or a heat wrap / heat pad. The wraps mould themselves to the body part and Velcro straps enable them to be worn in a comfort fit or a compression fit, ensuring comfort and allowing the user to continue with their life.

We also provide our clients with detailed information on cause, symptoms and treatment for injuries and pain relief.