The Healthy Gourmet

The Healthy Gourmet is specialized on delivering and catering to you delicious and nutritious meals, also known as “super foods”, which improve your body functions, such as circulatory, digestive and immune systems; promotes healthier blood, brain, eye, hair, heart, liver and skin health; and assist in weight management.

 Introducing the concept of “health and beauty from within”, our mouth-watering dishes are design to make you feel and look great while savoring absolute exotic flavored meals.

 Our products contain a range of gluten free, sugar free, flour free, low or non saturated fat and high EFA’s (essential fatty acids – the good oils) unique dishes created by international chef and nutritional researcher Alessandra Alfredo, specialized in healthy style cuisine. 

She worked within the Pharmaceutical industry, into the nutraceutical and herbal segments, gathering information on food contents and their relation to body functions.

Also, complemented by her own health style eaten habits, Alessandra Alfredo had researched the nutritional values and applications of fruits, vegetables, meats and fats on the human body to improve its functionality.

 Being an international chef, she aligns gastronomic knowledge with nutritional researching, creating a delicious, exotic and absolutely health menu.


Enjoy the benefits of delicious and nutritious meals conveniently delivered to your home, function or office.

 Just choose your favorite dishes on our menu, and order online or calling 0404 871 015.