Karen Jefferson - Maternity Bereavement Consultant

Karen is an experienced and compassionate qualified Counsellor, originally from NZ, Aotearoa. Karen has an interest and compassion around bereavement and grief which blossomed at the age of 12 and has worked in a number of community based services both in NZ and Queensland.

Karen has also played a very active role on developing bereavement supports within NZ, and in Canterbury in particular. Along with Karen’s training (based in person centred and strength based modalities), - both in generic counselling and bereavement/grief, she also brings much insight and knowledge from her life experiences and relationship with her own, unique processing of grieving and the skills she has to journey through the painful process which in turn supports her work as she companions others when invited to do so.

“Grief is a individual and natural process that is not linear and has no time limits, nor do we ever “Get Over it.” With time, process, courage and vulnerability we move towards accommodating and integrating our loss - reinvent ourselves, honouring and deepening meaning... living beyond the pain.”