Therapies on Main

Therapies on Main (formerly Medicos on Main) offers you the latest clinically proven non-surgical cosmetic and beauty treatments to provide you with a longer lasting youthful appearance.
Whether you'd like to reduce fine lines and wrinkles ( wrinkle treatment ), eliminate sun damage and pigmentation or acne scar treatments, enhance your facial features through non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as facial peel or microdermabrasion  or if you just wish a relaxation massage to relief the pressures of life in one of the most moderns skin clinics in Gold Coast. IPL Laser Hair Removalis a Permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair. You should try our Permanent Hair Removal with IPL , or have access to medically endorsed skin care treatments and products, our friendly and professional staff are happy to help you achieve results.
Join the growing number of happy, confident Australians who are reveling in their new youthful appearance.