Demeanor Consultants

Part of the services Paul provides includes those of a Mental Health Consumer/Counselor. Paul defines a Mental Health Consumer/Counselor as a qualified person with a lived experience of a Mental Illness.

Paul provides a "Unique" counseling service and experience for members of the community suffering from mental health issues. This might include depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder and issues with anxiety and stress.

Also togtehr with his partner Nan Zhang, Paul the CEO of Demeanor Consultants provides three streams of service on the Gold Coast :

1. Local Interpretation/Translation service for all languages and in particular Mandarin for
professional and personal matters. i.e. Legal documents, Real Estate, Passports and Visas

2. Local Counselling Service specialising in :

a) Helping clients through Court processes i.e. Family Law, Criminal Law & Personal Injuries
b) Mental Health Consumer Consultancy
c) General Counselling

3. Local Teaching Service - Mandarin and English

Together, our aim at Demeanor Consultants is to use our work/life experiences and various qualifications to improve the quality of life of our clients professionally and personally.