Dr Thomas Chong

Dr Thomas Chong is a delightful OBGYN for the Gold Coast working near Pindara Hospital.

If you are pregnant, want to be pregnant or want the best in
gynaecology care- ask your GP for a referral to Dr Thomas Chong.

Dr Thomas Chong is renowned amongst women on the Gold Coast
for his respectful & caring nature and his incredibly thorough attention to his patient’s needs.

If you want to have your baby at Pindara Private Hospital on
the gold coast, the best decision you will ever make is see Dr Chong for your pregnancy and birth.

Affordable fees- Our practice simply bills the patients’
health fund directly with No-Gap for surgical procedures and
births/C-sections. (Provided the patient is adequately covered by their private health insurance)

Dr Chong also specialises in fertility treatment and his IVF
costs are on the lower end of the private scale.

Gynaecology patients will feel comfortable and relaxed and are
always treated with the upmost care and respect.

Dr Thomas Chong is very personable, and he provides thorough
education to his patients during visits about their condition so they feel confident and informed when they leave.

We are completely dedicated to ensuring that our patients are
always made to feel welcome and we go to great lengths to ensure you enjoy every visit to our practice.

To see some real-life testimonials, visit the testimonials
page of our website:  www.drthomaschong.com.au

If you’d like to speak to us for more information, please
call Tarah in reception on 5527 8166- she is always incredibly friendly and accommodating and would love to speak to you.