Jennifer Morgan

Experienced Psychologist and Teacher

Educational and Developmental Psychology

Specialist support is offered to children, adolescents and their supporting adults in order for people to reach their educational, social, emotional and behavioural potentials in life!

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Jennifer Morgan- PSYCHOLOGIST

(Assoc. MAPS (041362), QLD (1090006) and NSW (PS0109562) Registered, Registered Education Queensland Teacher)

Specialist support for children, adolescents, parents and supporting adults in order to achieve desired goals, which aim to lead people to live a more successful and fulfilling life.

Educational and Developmental Psychology

  • Problem Identification ~ Assessment ~ Counselling/Intervention ~ Management ~ Evaluation

Offering Professional Support with Results:

  • Coping strategies and skill building for home, school and the general community
  • Building a therapeutic alliance that involves respectfully working with people to achieve desired goals
  • Helping through management of the person as a whole and those supporting him/her

Evidence Based Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Supporting Adults (Parents, families, school members, etc) addressing:

  • Psychoeducational assessments and interventions
  • Learning issues and potentials (Learning Disorders, Gifted and Talented)
  • Disabilities (Intellectual Impairment, Speech Language Impairment, Pervasive Developmental Disorders etc)
  • School and peer issues (school avoidance, problems of transition, peer relationships)
  • Attentional and behavioural problems- assessment and intervention (ADHD, Disruptive and Oppositional Behaviours)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief counselling
  • Social Skills counselling (Micro skills, self-efficacy, resilience)
  • Anger Management counselling
  • Parenting skills and behaviour management
  • Supporting school and other systems to maximise people’s access to learning and general development.


Specialist Evidence Based Practices and Intervention:

  • Standardised/Empirical Assessments: psychoeducational, behavioural, emotional etc.
  • Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (certified), Solution Focused Principals, Motivational Interviewing
  • Play therapy
  • Functional Behavioural Assessment and Analysis
  • Skills training- individual and group: PPP parent management training, social skills, anger management etc.


Interventions are often provided in combination to maximise desired effect to meet the clients’ individual goals.


Jennifer Morgan

Support is offered to children, adolescents and their supporting adults in order for people to reach their educational, social, emotional and behavioural potential in life. Jennifer was born in Southern Queensland and completed an educational and psychology degree at Griffith University. Postgraduate university training was subsequently completed through Charles Sturt University.


Jennifer provides a unique perspective in working with clients as she has been successfully working with children, adolescents, families, school staff and other professionals for the past 8 years in many roles including education/teaching, behaviour specialist and guidance officer in schools across the Gold Coast.


Jennifer has and continues to work with a variety of other highly qualified specialists to offer a comprehensive assessment and intervention care service to maximise client-desired outcomes. She works closely with family members, schools, community agencies and other important groups that play an important role in children’s’, adolescents’ and supporting adults’ lives.




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